Boeing HorizonX Ventures

Investing in the future

The Boeing HorizonX Ventures’ investment team identifies and invests in startups from around the world who are developing revolutionary concepts and businesses. Our team brings together a diverse background of Boeing knowledge and larger market experience, allowing us to connect our partners with the power of Boeing’s network and resources, while supporting each company’s own business goals.

Beyond investing in businesses, Boeing HorizonX is able to bring Boeing's business capabilities to bear, which includes a supply chain of tens of thousands of partner companies, thousands of engineers, including many world-recognized Technical Fellows. Our state-of-the-art facilities include hundreds of laboratories and the latest technology, enabling our partners to help build the future right along with us.

When we look to invest, we are interested in companies with minimally viable products, potential to scale, and strong management teams. We also look to partner with both professional VCs and corporate VCs to enhance the value of our portfolio companies.

Investment emphases

All the ways we’re changing the game

  • Disruptive Commercial Mobility

    Disruptive Commercial Mobility

    Innovative space, air, ground, and maritime solutions to move people and goods.

  • Autonomous Systems

    Autonomous Systems

    Safe and secure autonomy through the strength of multiple disciplines.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    Advanced computing and algorithms.

  • Advanced Manufacturing and Materials

    Advanced Manufacturing and Materials

    Stronger, lighter products made more efficiently.

  • Space


    Products and services that bring the awe of what lies beyond our atmosphere a little closer.

  • Advanced Logistics

    Advanced Logistics

    Enhanced product life-cycle experience.

  • Cyber security


    Cyberthreat protection for our products.

  • Industrial Internet of Things

    Industrial Internet of Things

    Sensors, effectors, and edge computing for industrial applications.

  • Connectivity


    The world connected with faster and higher bandwidth capabilities.

Our portfolio companies

Partnering together



Designing advanced battery technology that could help safely enable electric transportation.
Berkeley, California

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Gamma Alloys

Gamma Alloys

Pursuing breakthroughs in lightweight, ultra-strong nano-reinforced aluminum alloys.
Valencia, California

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Near Earth Autonomy

Near Earth Autonomy

Developing a portfolio of technologies that enable safe and reliable autonomous flight.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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C360 logo


Pioneering original 360 technologies that continue to deliver the highest quality, non-stitched immersive video in the world.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Impacting the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Security and Internet of Things technology.
Austin, Texas

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Zunum Aero

Zunum Aero

Bringing electric air travel out to a thousand miles.
Kirkland, Washington

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Augmented reality solutions for the industrial workforce.
Herndon, Virginia

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Work with us

New investments and partnerships

Boeing HorizonX Ventures focuses on companies that are developing transformative technologies, innovative manufacturing methods, and new business models.

We work across the spectrum from seed and early stages to mid, growth, and late stage, partnering with founders who are committed to and capable of driving growth and commercialization. Whether successful experiments or minimum viable products, we are eager to explore what's possible together.

If your company aligns with our focus areas, let’s connect.