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Boeing Capital Corporation is a global provider of financing solutions. A wholly-owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, Boeing Capital offers asset-backed lending and leasing, concentrating on assets that are critical to the core operations of Boeing customers. Boeing Capital’s primary mission is to support the other Boeing business units by ensuring customers have the financing they need to buy and take delivery of their Boeing products.

Boeing Capital is led by President Tim Myers.

Customer Finance

Customer Finance assists commercial aircraft customers by arranging and structuring asset-based financing and providing a broad range of efficient financing solutions for Boeing Commercial Airplanes products and services. Expertise and product offerings include backstop commitments, operating leases, financing leases, sale/leasebacks, freighter conversion financing, long- and short-term financing, and senior and subordinated secured loans. Customer Finance works closely with Boeing Commercial Airplanes customers to develop aircraft financing solutions. Working with commercial financial institutions, the group is proactively engaged with the U.S. Export-Import Bank and other export credit agencies to ensure availability of adequate and reasonably priced financing for developing customers and regions. Customer Finance is actively engaged to enhance and expand the capital markets by managing a comprehensive investor outreach program that is capturing the financial community's requirements and ensuring that they understand the Boeing product strategy and the significant value discriminators that differentiate Boeing from its competition.

Asset Management

Boeing Capital’s Asset Management team is responsible for the management of portfolio aircraft for Boeing Capital and Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Asset Management is focused on aircraft technical support and remarketing activities including aircraft transitions, modifications, configurations and monitoring technical status and aircraft compliance with various regulations and commercial agreements.

Aircraft for Sale or Lease

Boeing’s Available Aircraft contains Boeing-owned aircraft acquired through trades, lease returns, and other mechanisms, as well as aircraft that meet our high standards from the secondary market. We serve operators who must expand their fleet immediately, or who are not presently in a position to purchase brand new equipment.

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Current Aircraft Finance Market Outlook

The 2017 Current Aircraft Finance Market Outlook projects another year of steady performance and stable volume from the primary sources of aircraft financing, with strong aviation industry fundamentals driving new financier and investor participation and competitive pricing for buyers of large commercial aircraft.

While the aircraft financing environment continues to be healthy overall, there are some developments Boeing is closely monitoring. These include tighter global bank regulations, lingering uncertainty around export credit in the United States and Europe, and a heightened risk of illiquidity due to regulatory reform and central banks’ remaining capacity to stimulate.

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